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PMR for YOU! PMR for US!   PMR Course Just relaxed with Progressive Musclerelaxation

PMR Business


Reasons for using PMR in companies:

Stress management: PMR helps employees reduce stress, which can lead to improved overall mental health and a reduction in stress-related illnesses.

Increasing productivity: By reducing stress and the Promoting relaxation allows employees to be more focused and work more productively. Improving the working atmosphere: relaxed and less stressed Employees contribute to a more positive and harmonious working environment.

Health care: PMR can be part of workplace health promotion programs aimed at improving the overall health and well-being of the workforce.


You want more? Then have employees trained as certified PMR trainers on just 4 Saturdays. This means you have your health buddies available internally at any time!  ​

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Benefits of PMR for Seniors

1. Stress reduction: Seniors often experience stress due to health problems, social changes and other symptoms of aging. PMR can help relieve this stress.

2. Pain relief: Chronic pain is common in old age. PMR can help reduce the perception of pain and improve quality of life.

3. Improve sleep quality: Many seniors suffer from sleep disorders. PMR can help promote relaxation and to improve sleep.

4. Promote general relaxation and well-being: PMR helps seniors relax physically and mentally, resulting in increased well-being.​

Advance notice: Progressive muscle relaxation PMR course soon available!

PMR is the most widely used relaxation method!

Progressive muscle relaxation is rightly the most widely used relaxation method. Developed back in the 1920s, its effectiveness has since been scientifically confirmed by numerous studies. It is also easy to learn and can be learned by children in an adapted form.

What is PMR good for?

  • Reduces stress

  • Relaxation down

  • Promotes concentration

  • Helps with sleep disorders

  • Helps with fears 

  • Lowers blood pressure

  • Prevents cardiovascular diseases

  • In schools and with troublesome young people, PMR reduced aggression PMR leads to more calmness and inner strength in the long term PMR is also used for ADHD You can find all areas of application and other insights in the free ebook

Learn PMR in just 4 weeks !

  • the exercises from the Basic exercise, lying, sitting

  • Half time, sitting, lying down

  • Short exercise, traffic light exercise, sitting

  • Ultra-short exercise, sitting, standing, the exercise that you can do anytime, anywhere, inconspicuously and that helps immediately!

Do you already have the free ebook? There you will find a lot of background knowledge about progressive muscle relaxation. Also the basic exercise. Subscribe to the newsletter to get the download code. Additionally, you will receive a discount on the course if you subscribe to the newsletter.

This is what you get:

  • Audios

  • Videos

  • Workbook

  • Journal

  • Checklist


The course will be available from:
Mid-July 2024

The course is available for an incredible €29 and for newsletter subscribers even for just €15!


So subscribe to the newsletter and get on the waiting list for the course, you will want the course!

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