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In this ebook you will find:

  • What is the PMR

  • ​How does PMR help me

  • Whole full first excersicise to relax

  • Studies about PMR

Benefits of PMR

  • Regular application of PMR can offer numerous benefits:

  • Reduction of stress and anxiety

  • Improvement of sleep

  • Improved body awareness and stress resistance

  • high blood pressure

  • Recently also used for tinnitus

  • Relief of headaches and other stress-related complaints

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PMR in Practice - Examples and Studies of How PMR is used in Various Fields for Prevention and Therapy

  • PMR in Companies

  • PMR in Schools

  • PMR in Youth Work with Risk Youth (Resocialization)

  • PMR in Elderly Care

Summary of Benefits

  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation is a simple yet effective method to reduce physical and mental tension. 

  • Plied in various aspects of life and offers numerous health benefits.

  • Easy to Learn – Can Be Performed Anytime and Anywhere

  • Anyone can learn PMR and benefit from its positive effects. The technique requires no special equipment or prior knowledge and can be use to relax, to calm down or, when practice in the evenenig for better sleep. PMR has various benefits.

As you can see, PMR can be used in a variety of ways. Thanks to its simplicity, it can be effectively taught even to primary school children in an adapted form with very good results. It is also beneficial in elderly care and geriatrics, despite limited mobility, where it helps alleviate or prevent pain.

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